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Would highly recommend him. Overall Experience 5 / 5 Quality Price Convenience Completely Satisfied James Scottsdale, AZ 35 days ago On time !Quick solution !Good Service Warranty !Overall Experience 5 / 5 Quality Price Convenience Great service Saenz Peoria, AZ 39 days ago Completed the job quickly Overall Experience 5 / 5 Quality Price Convenience Great service Paul Peoria, AZ 40 days ago Called Appliance Works and am extremely satisfied with the response, the service and the demeanor of the tech!Overall Experience 5 / 5 Quality Price Convenience good prompt service, tech very knowlegeable and courteous. Jeff Peoria, AZ 40 days ago would definately reccomend. Overall Experience 4 / 5 Quality Price Convenience Professional and knowledgeable Wayne Cave Creek, AZ 45 days ago Scott was here a couple of days ago and fixed our leaking washer. He had the part on his truck and efficiently repaired it while being able to advise me of certain capabilities of the washer that will give it a longer life. Price was very reasonable.  Some of what you should have in your inventory will depend on the popular appliances in the area you service and if you have access to a good local parts supplier. If you don’t have a local parts supplier, you obviously will need to keep more stock on hand and that stock will become more apparent after you get a feel for the customer base you are servicing. Because you are just getting started, you can go out lean and mean with inventory and just accept those extra trips to the parts house. You will eventually get tired of those extra trips, but by then will have a picture of what you do need on a regular basis. Wow, such a good question about the startup costs I am going to blog about it in detail so others in this situation can get some perspective. I can tell you the basic breakdown in the meantime: a couple of magnetic signs for your truck about $100; $250 in inventory and basic tools; business cards, invoices, etc. about $100; broadband internet $50 per month; business license $50; entity registration LLC $100; business owners insurance annually $450. Bottom line, about $1K to get started. As far as advertising, a lot of print medium advertising I find does not work as well as getting yourself listed for free on search sites on the internet Google, Bing, Yahoo and for that you’ll need a very basic website – Lunarpages is an economical hosting company with great deals on registering your domain and building your website using templates. What about competition?Those franchises are in my city too. I undercut their pricing by using a flat fee structure to begin with, then I pummel them from a service perspective.


I called and left a message on a Saturday morning and Phil got back to me within an hour, kindly working around my bizarre work schedule so he could get the model number of my dryer which I forgot to leave in the message, whoops.

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