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We were just charged for the service call and proceeded to have a plumbing company fix that problem. Even though the water pressure was now adequate, the ice maker was not functioning properly. 123 was called back and resolved the problem. We were just charged for parts and labor for that visit and received a discount for advising them that we found them on Angie's List. We would certainly use them again for any appliance repair work and would highly recommend them to anyone looking for this type of assistance. My washing machine began leaking water. appliance repair forum blog Of course if you have time you can look up the service manual on your tablet and just sit there and read it until you’re comfortable. This is often necessary when you need to put a strange appliance into diagnostic mode. 4. In the unlikely circumstance that the customer adopts a real attitude, because you’re not able to solve the problem in five minutes, you do have the option of apologizing for the inconvenience, not charging the customer and making your exit. I can’t say that this is ever happened to me but I always keep it in my back pocket if the customer happens to be an idiot. Jimmy, I hope that helps to get you past that uneasiness that we all have in the beginning. You will be surprised how fast it goes away. Most of the service calls actually turn out to be very easy. Customers do the most foolish things and have no clue as to how appliances work. You may not know a whole lot but you know far more than your customers. Robert,I’m sorry that you’re having collection problems but that’s an easy problem to solve.


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